•What does Daylight Saving Time have to do with real estate

Millions of people adjust the time on their clock for Daylight Saving Time.

But what’s weird is that it’s not done everywhere; also, the actual date of when the time change occurs is different in some areas of the world.

It isn’t universal.

Adjusting to the time change is confusing enough for people on a local level. So, forget about trying to make sense of it nationally, or globally.

Why does it exist? Is it still useful? Why doesn’t it get observed everywhere? All questions people may ask, but none of them really matter. It isn’t worth debating…

Because, on a local level, the only thing that matters is that you have to adjust the your clock in order to be in sync with everything and everyone around you.

It’s similar in real estate…

The overall process of buying or selling a home is pretty similar from one area to another.

But there are regional differences in how the process works, the rules, regulations, and laws. And all of these things change quite often.

This is usually a bigger issue when someone is moving from one area to another. A typical statement real estate agents hear is, “That’s not how it is done where I come from…”

That might be true. And the way it is done in another area may even be better, or make more sense. But it doesn’t matter. Because the only thing that matters is how things are done wherever you happen to be buying or selling.

Which is why hiring a local real estate agent who is on top of the local process, rules, regulations, and laws is so critical.

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P.S. Remember to adjust your clocks. It’s “leap forward” in the Spring. So we lose an hour of sleep!

But, don’t ever feel like you need to lose any sleep if you’re buying or selling. Just give me a ring. I’m on top of all the local processes, rules, regulations, and laws.

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