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Homeownership is STILL attainable. Here's One Way How

Contact us today at Homeland Realty Group to help with all of your real estate needs. We help you navigate the entire process!

5 Ways to Love Your Home This Valentine's Day!!!!

5 Ways To Show Your Home Love This Valentine's Day: 1. Fix something that's broken - if something is broken, take the time to fix it - even if you have to hire a professional ! 2. Clean it...

Snowmageddon 2022

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It Has Been Some Crazy Times, Y'all!

So we have been a little busy the past few months during these crazy times!  From figuring out this 'Rona mess, navigating "masks-are-a-must" vacations, torn muscles...

Positioning & Mortgage Rates Under 3%?? What The What???

Breaking News!  Fannie Mae forecasts rates to be below 2.9% early 2021. That was the headline across all of my news feeds and blogs that I follow yesterday morning.  Those rates are crazy...
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