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Positioning & Mortgage Rates Under 3%?? What The What???

Breaking News!  Fannie Mae forecasts rates to be below 2.9% early 2021.

That was the headline across all of my news feeds and blogs that I follow yesterday morning.  Those rates are crazy low!  But did you know that just a little over a month ago, they were already that low?  I had two clients lock-in rates below 3%... for 30 years... one was a first time homebuyer. Granted, that was only for a short period. The rates started ticking back up into the 3's. (My understanding from mortgage industry leaders that they went back up because of the influx of homeowners refinancing?)  Who knows.  I certainly do not claim to be a mortgage guru.  I have my circle of mortgage friends that I can connect you with there. 

Here is the deal, y'all. 

Let's say rates do fall this low again towards the end of the year or early 2021.

Let's say your credit isn't where it needs to be or you just don't know where to start.

That is where the positioning comes in.  That is where I come in.

Now is the time to position yourself, preparing for your future.  I may not be a mortgage guru, but I am a certified credit specialist and have helped many a buyer position themselves.... cleaning up their credit and getting them qualified to purchase a home.  All at no charge.  (So stop paying that $49 a month fee for someone to help you do something you can do yourself!)

So let's get you positioned!   Homeland Realty Group is here to help! Just reach out!

Stay safe and healthy my friends,


Danielle Childers, Owner/Broker

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